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Beta-Psi TKE Founder's Day Luncheon

 Saturday, January 14th, 2023

 2pm – 4pm 

Lazari’s Italian Restaurant 

2230 Caraway Rd in Jonesboro 

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2022 Year in Review...

2023 in Preview!

Watch for many new Multimedia Galleries to be Added Soon!

2022 was an eventful year for our Colony and our Alumni Association! Long gone are the days of Covid Protocols, and we took advantage to have small regional social time, a full slate of Football Tailgates, an amazing Homecoming Reunion, "Wally-Gate" tailgate and more. 

We are hoping to host a "Founder's Day" Event in early January.  Talks are ongoing for a Spring Social golf/cookout (Goat Roast?) in Central AR to make it easier for fraters around the state to take advantage of a friendlier venue other than just Jonesboro. 

Fraters are encouraged to help facilitate Regional Reunions areas like Atlanta, Memphis, DFW-Houston, St. Louis, Central FL, FL Panahandle, etc where we have good numbers of Beta-Psi Alumni!

With Miracles for Mary taking a break from their usual events, we look to fill an Annual Outing worthy of your time & travel with the quality of fratership this incredible organization has afforded us. 


Frater Dr. Dewey Sifford, #81,
Honored in Home Cerermony

In an informal visit at Dr. Dewey Swifford's home on Sunday, Nov 27th, we presented him with this distinct honor with some of his family members present.

He's still as sharp as ever & reminisced on some Tall Teke Tales - after confirming the statute of limitations has run out, of course. Special Thanks to Frater Bob Ross for arranging this event & Frater Dr. Ray Hall for attending.

Certificates were als0 presented to his children in our appreciation for sharing their parents with Beta-Psi.